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Nick Ferguson

After leaving the inner city of Miami, to pursue my dreams of Playing in the NFL, I wouldn't have imagined the journey it would have carried me on....

Growing up in the inner city of Miami has

presented me with many obstacles to

overcome. No matter how bleak things might

have looked or what odds might have been

stacked against me. One thing is for sure, I

never stop fighting for what I want. I went

from a college walk-on at Morris Brown

College to a scholarship student-athlete at

Georgia Tech, because it was imperative for

me to display my athletic abilities on a larger

platform. This mind set has pushed me to

chase my dreams over 3 continents by way of

the CFL (Canadian Football League), NFL Europe

& finally the NFL. I took that same approach

to my education when I decided to give up a 50 thousand dollar workout bonus to return to Georgia Tech and earn

my undergrad degree in Business. For my hard

work and persistence I was presented with an

award from the NFL because of my scholastic

achievements. As an undrafted player in the

NFL I’ve seen my fair share of highs and lows

in my 10 year career and this has provided me

with a keen sense of the inner workings in NFL. The knowledge gained on & off the field has led to continued work as a Sports Analyst. The transition from a professional athlete, into sports broadcasting has allowed me to recreate the passion I had on the field yet as an analyst,  providing a unique visual portrayal through the lens of an undrafted player finding success in the NFL. 



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